Kokanee Mountain Zipline Ltd.

kokaneeKokanee Mountain Zipline Ltd. was incorporated in 2015 by John Manton and his two sons, Todd and Jay Manton. Todd has a degree in Ecotourism in Outdoor Leadership and has five years experience working in the zipline industry. His brother Jay has an Engineering Degree and was seeking a new challenge which included his passion for the outdoors. Together they started this venture and it continues to be a family run company.

Kokanee Mountain Zipline Ltd. offers six unique experiences from the 90-foot warm-up line to the 2,400 foot cross-canyon traverse that brings you 300 feet off the ground. The zip lines are nestled between two breathtaking Provincial Parks (Kokanee Glacier Park and Kokanee Creek Park) and are located in 44 acres of majestic old growth Douglas Fir and Pine forests located 15 kilometers north of Nelson, BC.

These zip lines were constructed to have as little effect on the natural flora and fauna as possible. Everything from the original construction through to the day-to-day operations has been designed to minimize the impact on the surrounding habitat. The Manton family view this ecotourism endeavor as a tremendous opportunity to create awareness about BC’s natural environment, one tour at a time.