Kootenay Waste Services Ltd.

Kootenay Waste


Kootenay Waste Services Ltd. was started in 1996 as a garbage and recycling removal company in Nelson BC.  Jonathan Carlson, a member of the Metis Nation of BC, purchased the business in February 2016 and has been successfully operating the waste business since. 

Jonathan received support from All Nations Trust Company shortly after purchasing Kootenay Waste Services for the expansion of the business with the purchase of a second truck, a moveable structure for sorting of recyclables and additional waste bins to be placed with new commercial clients.  The following year he received further support to purchase another truck and more bins.   The second phase of the expansion has allowed him to maximize the full potential of the business and allowed him to take on more contracts. 

Jonathan has continued to provide reliable services to his customers and is involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.  He has become the face of the company and takes pride in the hands-on approach of the business.