MF Farms Ltd.

MF Farms


MF Farms Ltd. is an organic canola oil manufacturing company located in Westbank, BC.  The business is family owned by Larry, Donna, Matthew & Michael Mazur.  The Mazur’s started up the manufacturing facility in September of 2015.

Larry and Donna own a canola farm and supply a large quantity of product to the manufacturing plant.  Michael and Matthew, both members of the Kelowna Metis Association, are the main operators of the oil plant.  Michael holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree through Mount Royal University as well as an International Trade Diploma.  Matthew holds a Marketing Management certificate from BCIT.

The Mazur’s cold-pressed organic oil is obtained through mechanically pressing oil from seeds with a stainless-steel expeller press.  Although pressing produces heat through friction, they keep their press running at a slow enough speed to ensure the oil temperature never rises about 49 degrees Celsius to maintain the full nutritional integrity of the oil. 

The Mazur’s came to All Nations Trust Company to seek financial support to start their business in Spring of 2015, and then again in Fall of 2016.  The product was in such exceptionally high demand that they needed to expand their business and purchase another two oil presses.  Their product is now being sold on the shelves of many retailers across Canada.