Thunderboyz Productions Inc.


Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. is a Canadian Aboriginal Company owned by Dean Trumbley.  Dean is a registered professional biologist in both British Columbia and Alberta and has a strong passion for the outdoors, hunting and fishing.

Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. produces the TV show Bushnell’s Trigger Effect which presently broadcasts in Canada, the United States, South Africa and Europe.  All the editing from Trigger Effect happens right in Falkland, BC at Trumbley’s home.  He is very proud of the fact that Trigger Effect is a Canadian show.

Trigger Effect has successfully aired for four full seasons and as of January 1, 2017 it launched season five with 20 new episodes.  The show’s primary focus is on North American hunting.  While earlier seasons filmed mainly in BC and Canada, Dean and co-host Kent Michie are now travelling to places like Argentina and Africa to shoot episodes. 

The two are passionate about reducing invasive species and making viewers aware of high populations and the need to reduce numbers – understanding conservation and management is key.  The educational component is a major part of each episode while still focusing on providing a high-quality hunting experience.

Thunder Boyz Productions Inc. also offers website development, custom logos and full social media support and maintenance.   Their staff have a diversity of experience from biology, business executives, computer technology, finance, videography, studio editing, management, and graphic design.